As leader

With the David Ferris Septet:

David Ferris Septet plus Maria Väli - Alphabets

Released February 2018

Debut album

"There have been many intelligent albums made by young UK musicians impressively literate not only in music but in other things besides. What sets one apart from an awful lot of them is that it never sounds “worthy”, neither does listening to it feel like a “duty”. Alphabets is not only a hugely impressive work, it’s a bloody great listen too."

Peter Bacon, London Jazz News

"It’s a buoyant affair, teeming with fluctuating moods, lush harmonic episodes and zesty solos ... Alphabets is very much worth hearing."

Adrian Pallant, AP Reviews

"Ferris’ writing is impressively mature and the singing, playing and production consistently first rate. All in all it’s a début that Ferris can be justly proud of."

Ian Mann,

As co-leader

With Three Step Manoeuvre:

Three Step Manoeuvre - Three Step Strut

Released November 2016, featuring special guests Gareth Lockrane and Cherise Adams-Burnett

Debut full album, self-released available on Bandcamp here

"That quick picking, shuffle snare, drums and riding bass is a recipe that very few can get right, but Three Step Manoeuvre does it magnificently."

Funkatopia, 20 Best Funk Albums of 2016

"A catchy, super groovy, fresh and inspired album – the future of funk is is in safe hands with these guys struttin’ their stuff."

Stefan Redtenbacher, Funkestra

Three Step Manoeuvre - Three Step Manoeuvre EP

Released November 2014

Debut EP, self-released available on Bandcamp here

As Sideman

With Various Artists/Bands:

Various Artists - Live at the Spotted Dog

Released January 2018 on Stoney Lane Records

A compilation of different performances recorded over the course of a year at the pub, available here

With Tom Syson:

Tom Syson Sextet - Green

Self-released June 2017

Available here

With Ben Lee:

Ben Lee Quintet - In The Tree

Released October 2016 on Stoney Lane Records

Available here

With Birmingham Jazz Orchestra:

Birmingham Jazz Orchestra conducted by Tom Haines - Live

Self-released June 2017

Available here

Birmingham Jazz Orchestra conducted by Jacky Naylor - Rough Boundaries

Self-released June 2016

Available here

Birmingham Jazz Orchestra conducted by Sean Gibbs - Burns

Self-released August 2015

Available here